Thursday, December 15, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.5.2: GM Board Enhancements

  • You can now search skills on the GM Control Board
  • You can now toggle character visibility on the GM Control Board
  • Ravens and Pennies Theme fixes
  • Mobile-only "swipe" fix for characters
Feature Removed
  • The "full screen" character format on mobile wasn't playing nice with the rest of the mobile stuff such as swiping for characters. It has been removed until a fix can be implemented. Full screen characters on non-touch devices remains unaffected.

Friday, December 9, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.5.1: Full screen characters

  • Damage Equation added to Demolitions results 
  • High Rate of Fire is now taken into account on attacks 
  • Help icons with popup help for each page have been added 
  • Enhanced Move on the Jumping Calculator now accepts half levels 
  • Basic Speed added to the GM Board 
  • Characters screen now has a toggle view so that a user may see their entire character on one screen or as a tabbed interface. Simply click in the top right corner of a character's screen. 

Bug Fixes
  • Color fixes for Darkly theme on some screens 
  • Reduced probability of seeing duplicate treasure items during generation 
  • "Reset to Max" HP/FP buttons now hidden on shared characters if user is not the owner

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.5: GM Control Board and Hiking Calculator

GM Control Board 
A collection of everything that is useful to a GM while running your game! To get started, head on over to the GM Control Board section of gCalc and follow the on screen directions.

Not much more to say about it. It's a pretty huge update, but it's easy to understand. Have at it.

Hiking Calculator
Coded by Pseudoboo and with UI by your's truly, the Hiking Calculator should hopefully take some of the sting out of those crunchy hiking discussions.

What's Next?

Patreon Goals

$90 - Character and Monster Database
Once this goal is hit, users will be able to tag characters imported from GCS or GCA as PC/NPC/Monster. Once tagged, all characters can then made "public" (with their default being "private"). All characters that are tagged and made public will be available for other users to browse and use in their own campaigns. The goal here is to create a large, crowd-sourced monster database for everyone to use and enjoy!

$100 - GM Campaign and Session Planner
Once this goal is met, users will be able to create individual "sessions" within a campaign. These sessions will be a collections of "scenes" which the GM can insert associated PCs, NPCs, and Monsters as well as keep track of notes. For example, if you have a dungeon crawl with 3 encounters in it, you could make 3 scenes, and in each scene have the requisite monsters added along with notes on their combat strategies and pre-laid traps. Once that scene arrives in game, you simply open the scene in gCalc and will be able to quickly start combat utilizing the functionality already set down by the "GM Control Board" feature gained at the $80 pledge level.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.4: GCA Importing

GCA Importing

The long awaited GCA Importing feature has been released today. It works by leveraging the "Export to XML" functionality in GCA, which then gives us a file we can upload to gCalc.

It's really simple. To get started uploading your own characters, visit the GCA Character Import page for more details.

What's next?

The Hiking Calculator is our next "breaker" goal, and it's only $1 away. After that the GM Control Board is only $6 away! This will be a huge feature, finally making gCalc useful for GMs in a very real way.

To help get these features rolling, head on over to Patreon and reward me for my hard work for the price of a cup of coffee a month, or if you're generous, the price of a beer a month! Or if you're really generous, the price of a personal pan pizza a month! The possibilities are endless.

Please feed me. :(

In other news

My company was bought out last year, and 10/28 was my final day of work with them after almost 7 years. I get a bit of severance, so I'm not too worried, plenty of time to find a new job. How cool would it be if SJGames would hire me and let me redo their website, forums, and store? It needs a face-lift! If you agree, please hassle them for me. I'm talented, and love GURPS. Let's make it happen. Also, they really do need some dedicated software developers to start moving into the current times. I can do all that too! I know it all. 

Also, if you're not in our GURPS discord yet (it's a chat client) come join us:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

GURPS Calculator: GCA Import Functionality Development Starting!

Over at the gCalc Patreon we have hit our $70/month goal, which means I am beginning development immediately on the GCA character importing functionality!

What can I expect out of this new functionality?
GCA is a whole different beast than GCS. For one it is not open source, so I am not able to alter GCA directly. This means there won't be a clean "Export to GURPS Calculator" menu item that will do the heavy lifting for you. If that is important to you, I encourage you to use the GURPS Character Sheet. If you decide to stay with GCA, you will have an option on the GURPS calculator website to upload your GCA file. Once the file is uploaded, you will be able to treat it just like any other gCalc character (at least, that's the goal).

When can I expect to use this new functionality?
I did some research a few months ago, and the options available for me to code this cleanly are pretty few and far between. I'm hoping to have this functionality done and live by November. I would promise sooner, but I'm getting married October 2nd, so I'm not sure how much free time I'll have. It's totally possible I'll have nothing to do at work for the next few weeks, in which case I'll bang this functionality out faster.

How can I help?
Just because we hit this goal doesn't mean there aren't others! The end is nowhere in sight, and I have many, many plans for gCalc's future. Right now we are at $71. If you were to contribute $4/month, you would help achieve the Hiking Calculator stretch goal, which would be a fully robust hiking calculator using all rules available. Shortly after that at $85 is the Character and Monster Database, which is a way for all users of gCalc to share their GCS and GCA creations with each other in a searchable database, allowing people who need a quick NPC or monster to search and get what they need on the fly.

Of course, if you are uninterested in Patreon and just want to help finance server costs, or just want to buy me some beer, that can be done through gCalc's Paypal.

Thanks for using gCalc!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

GURPS Calculator New Server!

GURPS Calculator has had A LOT outages the last 8 months and, every time, I would get on support chat and waste my time going around and around with them about why that may be the case. It always ended up being some "server wide" issue.

Well, this weekend, after 3 days of the calculator being down, I decided enough was enough. I demanded a refund, but in my cancellation request, and moved to a better host.

The new host costs three times more, but they supposedly have better uptime, and the speed of the calculator is noticeably faster.

I suppose we'll see what happens.

In other news, we're closing in on the $70 goal of GCA importing. Besides a few minor bug fixes, I am have been taking a break from gCalc and coding some different things (a discord bot, a scheduling API for discord, my wedding website, etc) and also going to a lot of interviews (trying to find that right fit for my next job since I get laid off in just 2 more short months!)

I promise I'll come back to gCalc soon. The sooner we hit that goal, the sooner I'll switch back over and power through the GCA import functionality!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gencon - Meeting Steve Jackson

Today I met Steve Jackson. He signed some stuff for me, and when I mentioned gCalc his face lit up and he said "So that's you!"

Felt good that he had heard of gcalc!

Longer post incoming soon. I've been busy trying to find a new job. @.@

Sunday, July 10, 2016

GURPS Calculator Future Plans

The GURPS Calculator is growing by leaps and bounds with the recent release of GCS importing and character sharing! We have more people than ever using gCalc, which is a great privilege for me!

Awhile back I realized that servers cost money, and although I love working on the GURPS Calculator, I cannot spend all of my time on it. Patreon became the goto solution for this problem, and I have since tied all major enhancements to Patreon goals, which allow you, and other users, to help fund the major features of gCalc! I spend dozens of hours on each of these features, and every cent contributed goes towards paying server costs, domain name costs, and coercing my programmer friends to help by offering them pizza and beer.

At the moment, after Patreon takes it's modest cut, I am at $63/month. With how much time I spend on gCalc, this means I "profit" about $1.20 per hour after paying server costs. That $1.20 is what goes towards pizza and beer and I thank you!

So why this big pitch on Patreon? Why explain how it effects me in so much detail? Well, like I said before, all major enhancements are tried to Patreon. I will continue to work on bugs and minor enhancements as normal (anywhere from 10-30 hours a month, depending on how broken everything is) as well as answer the weirdly numerous questions I get over email, but will no longer be working on the major enhancements that force me to ramp up those hours up to 50 or so a month until the Patreon goal is met. My personal goal is to not dip below working on gCalc for less than $1/hour for my own sanity. Help me stay sane!

So with all of that out of the way, what's coming up for gCalc?
As listed on Patreon, the goals, their descriptions, and their goal amount are as follows:

Current Monthly: $63

Previous Goals already met:

  • $5   - Server costs
  • $15 - Trait Sorter
  • $20 - Treasure Generator
  • $25 - Demolitions Calculator
  • $30 - GCS Importing and Character Screens
  • $60 - Character Sharing

Future Goals:

$70 - GCA Importing
When this goal is hit we will create a way to import your GURPS Character Assistant characters to gCalc! Because GCA is not open-source, this will not be as clean a solution as GCS, but it is doable. It will probably work by taking your gca save file and uploading it to our server, where we will convert it to a gCalc character. Once it's uploaded, all GCA characters will act as gCalc characters just like GCS characters do now.

$75 - Hiking Calculator
Be able to calculate long distance travel easily. Includes the optional romping rules from Hi Tech!

$80 - GM Control Board and Campaign/Character Associations
A nice interface where the GM will can track all relevant player stats! Once a GM creates a campaign and the players in the game associate their imported GCS characters with said campaign, the GM can visit the Control Board easily see and roll against all player skills and stats. Here, the GM will also be able to set up combat scenarios and track whose turn it is, current HP and FP, and much more.

$85 - Character and Monster Database
Once this goal is hit, users will be able to tag characters imported from GCS or GCA as PC/NPC/Monster. Once tagged, all characters can then made "public" (with their default being "private"). All characters that are tagged and made public will be available for other users to browse and use in their own campaigns. The goal here is to create a large, crowd-sourced monster database for everyone to use and enjoy!

$90 - GM Campaign and Session Planner
Once this goal is met, users will be able to create individual "sessions" within a campaign. These sessions will be a collections of "scenes" which the GM can insert associated PCs, NPCs, and Monsters as well as keep track of notes. For example, if you have a dungeon crawl with 3 encounters in it, you could make 3 scenes, and in each scene have the requisite monsters added along with notes on their combat strategies and pre-laid traps. Once that scene arrives in game, you simply open the scene in gCalc and will be able to quickly start combat utilizing the functionality already set down by the "GM Control Board" feature gained at the $80 pledge level.

Help make these goals a reality! Donate on Patreon now!
Are you a developer and want to help? Email me!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.3.2: Character Sharing

Character Sharing

Title says it all! You can now share characters in gCalc!

How? It's easy!

On the newly redesigned Character screen, click the wrench icon on the character you want to share.

This will open the Manage Character popup, which has completely replaced the old (and ugly) character edit page. In that popup, and I hope that this is obvious, type in the username of the person you want to share your character with., Hit Share, and then hit save.

Boom! Just like that.


What's next?

GCA importing is just $9 away!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.3.2 Character Sharing Update and Developer Help Needed

As some of you may have already heard through my Twitter, the company I have worked at these last 7 years has been bought out. The good news is yay, the startup succeeded and I get some money...the bad news is at the end of October I lose my job.
Because of this I've had a slowdown on work on gCalc as the higher-ups pile on all the last minute changes they need before we get the ax in a few months. I'm still working on gCalc, but it's really hard to find the motivation to code in my free time at the moment since their running us ragged at work. That's where you come in. See below. :)

gCalc 2.3.3 Character Sharing Update

I'm about 70% done this functionality, which also includes redesigning the Edit Character page into a "Character Manager" page. From this page you will be able to download, share, and modify your characters all from one place.

I'm still hoping to get this functionality out by the end of the month, which means development will be done within the next 14 days and the release will be open for testing to my Alpha testers.

Developer Contributors

Until recently, I have politely declined the requests I have received for help coding gCalc, mostly because it was a side project of mine and I had plenty of time to work on it. With recent events in mind, and the explosion of work coming out of the new Characters functionality, I am now totally on board with Development Contributions.

If you are a developer and want to help, please let me know!

Below is the current development stack for gCalc. If you know just the backend or just the front end that's ok! Let me know in an email how you can help!

  • C#.NET MVC w/Razor
  • MsSql
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Modernizer
  • Lots of ajax.

We have lots, and I mean lots, or enhancements, bugs, and optimizations to work through, and need your help! See the full list of what we have in our future.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GURPS: Ascension Campaign Living World Document (Power Templates, Kits, Races, etc)

Four years ago I decided it was time to start a new campaign. On a plane ride to Houston to visit my father, I sketched up some ideas of a time-spanning plot with lots of intrigue, complicated battles, and morally ambiguous villains.

More importantly, I began work on 5 "power classes"; lists of leveled powers united under a single theme. Knowing nothing about powers at that time, it took me a very long time (months) to fully create all five power classes. During that time I also created kits, races, regions, "blessing cards", births signs, and more.

It really is too much to describe.

The work was well worth it. Biweekly for the last 3.5 years myself and 5 friends have played in the world of Ascension on a single continuous plot arc. It has been an amazing experience with amazing friends. Season 3 is closing out within the next two weeks, and after that we move on to season four, where the second main subplot will finally have it's finale. After that, who knows? I'm sure Ascension will live on for many more years.

Last Saturday I spent the morning last Saturday organizing all my notes and templates into a living world document to share with all of you. Maybe you can use some of it too.

If you are interested in seeing what I have created, check out the document below.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

GURPS Calculator: 2.3.1 Released!

Some good stuff in this one, the biggest being Character Downloading! Never lose your gcs sheet again!

For a list of all the changes, please check out the change log. For an in-depth look at the changes, check out my previous blog post on the subject.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

C#: Null Conditionals and Interpolated Strings

Two new features of C# 6.0 I've been using like crazy lately are Null Conditionals  and Interpolated Strings. These two simple pieces of syntactic sugar has made my programming life so much easier, and so I thought I'd pass the knowledge on to some of you who may not be aware of these powerful shortcuts.

Null Conditional - ?. operator MSDN

Null conditional sounds an awful lot like Null Coalescence now doesn't it? Null Conditionals work in much the same way, by first checking the value of the left side of the operator for null. First, here is an example of getting a property from an object without knowing it is null using the longhand method, then another with Null Conditionals, and finally a little trick that I'll explain below.
The above Null Conditional code with check if User is null, and, if it's not, returns the ID property. If it is null, it will simply return null. This stops the dreaded Null Exception error that we all hate to see, and makes your code much easier to read and understand!

What if you don't want null returned by the Null Conditional? Well, there's a simple trick for that as well. Combining a Null Conditional with it's cousin, Null Coalescence, you get back whatever default you want! See the third line of code above for how it's done.

String Interpolation - $"{x}" MSDN

String Interpolation is the act of injecting variables into a string without having to close the string constant and manually concatenate variables into it. An example of a traditional string concatenation is as follows:
Not too pretty, right? Here is the same example with String Interpolation.

There we go! Much easier to read! Simple to use, simple to understand, simple to read.

GURPS Calculator - Enhancements, Character Sharing, and GCA Importing

June 2, 2016 - Fast Followers and Patch Release

This release is a medium-weight build addressing a few bugs and including some enhancements I didn't have time to include in 2.3 (Character Importing).


Download your current or previous characters back into GCS format
Download your current or previous characters back into GCS format

If you find yourself away from your copy of GCS but need to update your character, we have you covered. In this release you will be able to click on a special "download character" button on the Full List Character Screen and be redirected to a download screen like the one above. There you will find that every instance of your character you have ever uploaded will be available for you to download, so if you made some crucial or confusing changes to your character that you now wish to revert, you can always just go back and grab an old copy! All character save files download in their original gcs format, so once downloaded you can open it in GCS and edit away (and, of course, re-import into gCalc!)

Over in the Collisions calculator, the Local Gravity field now accepts decimals, allowing you to crash into things at high speeds even more accurately.

I've also created a Wiki to aid in GURPS Calculator use, the link to which will be featured in the menu next release. It, unfortunately, has nothing in it yet, but you can help change all that! I use every spare moment I have coding and planning for gCalc, which sadly does not leave me much time for documentation and promotion. That's where you come in, head on over to and help the community by adding any information you can to aid in the use of gCalc! Anyone who edits will of course have their names added to the contributors list. No need to contact me, just head over to the wiki and get to writing. :)

Bug Fixes

  • Critical hits are now based on effective skill and not base skill (D'oh!)
  • Rolling against Fright now always fails on 14 and above.
  • (Dis)advantage/Skill/Equipment groups now import correctly (with collapsible panels and everything!)
  • Player notes for skills exported from GCS now show up correctly.
  • -10xHP now indicates total bodily destruction.
On the technical side of things, this release moves gCalc away from MVC bundling of assets and into the world of Cassette bundling, which, in my opinion, is much easier to use and gives much better results. CSS and JS files are now bundled and minified in a very specific way and order, allowing for faster page loads and response times.

2.3.x - Character Sharing

This month we hit our goal of $60 with a reward of Character Sharing. I started work the day the goal was met, and I am around 50% done the initial work on it. When complete, a player will be able to go to the Full List screen and click a "Share" button next to a character. When clicked, the player will be redirected to a sharing manager where they will be able to share their character with another player by inputting their gCalc username. That second player, once they approve the share, will be able to view the character, roll against its stats/skills/attacks, and download it using the Character Download feature available in 2.3.1. The player will not, however, be able to make any alterations to the characters HP/FP, Tracker rows, or any other value that gCalc tracks independently of GCS.

Ideally this will allow players to share their characters with a GM, allowing the GM to make secret rolls, check resources and adeptness when planning adventures, and view values such as DR and Defenses when rolling for combat (if secret).

There is no release date for this functionality yet, but I am optimistic that it can be release mid-late June.

2.3.x - GCA Importing

GCA importing is currently our next goal, sitting at $70. When this goal is met, players will be able to export their players from GCA using one of the save functions already built into the system (most likely export to xml) and then, on the gCalc site, upload their character for use. Once uploaded, the player will have at their disposal the full suite of tools already available to GCS imported character, including Character Sharing. One caveat is that Character Downloading may not be possible without uploading both the xml and the original character save. I will most likely offer uploading the save file as optional functionality for those of you that wish to leverage character versioning and cloud backups that the GCS crowd enjoys.

Thank you!

As always, thanks so much to my patrons and contributors, and of course to everyone who uses my app. I love working on it, and I love talking to all of you and hearing your ideas. If you want to get active in gCalc, please don't hesitate to do so! 

Special thanks to Travis EllisBruno, and K Abson for becoming patrons this month! People like you make it all possible!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Seeing CriOS in your analytics?

What is CriOS and why does it keep popping up on my analytics?

Recently in my google analytics for my site and blog, I have been seeing "CriOS" popup from time to time, and, each time, I discount it as either a foreign browser or a bot crawling my site, but no! It turns out CriOS is in fact "Chrome for iOS", meaning Chrome on an iPhone!

This ends up being a very interesting statistic to have, since now I can compare it with my iPhone Safari hits and see how much Chrome is eating in to the Safari pageview share on my site.

As a user, and a developer, it would be important to know that CriOS doesn't work like normal Chrome for Android (since the operating system are completely different.) It is, of course, based on webkit (just like Chrome for Android/Desktop and even Safari), "However, while Apple allows only Safari to access iOS facilities like the iOS Nitro engine, Chrome uses Apple's UIWebView for loading and rendering content." --

If Chrome for iOS takes off and begins to really compete with Safari as the #1 browser for the iPhone, some considerations may need to be taken with how mobile webapps are built.

Interested in knowing more about CriOS, or want to try it yourself? Click here.

GURPS Calculator 2.3 has been released! GCS Importing for all!

GCS Importing has been released!!!!

Click here to get started on exporting your GURPS Character Sheet files into gCalc!

The Story
About a year ago my gaming group started to really get into GCS and all it had to offer. They were of course using the gCalc tracker every game as well, but it lacked an easy and clear way to transcribe a full character in a useful way for play. GCS, on the other hand, has a very complete interface for creating and maintaining characters, but no real way to have an at-the-table utility autocalculate all the crunchy bits of GURPS that we all love.

Looking into exporting from GCS initially, I ran into several problems, namely that I couldn't get gCalc to play nicely with GCS as they both stood at that time. I dropped the idea for about 4 or 5 months, and during that time released several additions to gCalc such as a complete visual redesign, huge improvements to the tracker, and a Demolitions Calculator.

In December I got interested in GCS exporting once again, and this time reached out to Richard Wilkes, the creator of GCS, who, very graciously, answered every one of my dozen questions.

Answers in hand, I decided the best way to deal with exporting from GCS to gCalc would be to alter GCS myself, since Richard has very generously made the app an open-source project. At this time Jeff Lauder came back into the fold, having taken a break from helping with gCalc, and excitedly took over the java development for GCS, leaving me free to make all the character screens and associated functions.

During the next 3 months we coded our butts off, literally almost every day I spent some time working on this code. Of course, I didn't ignore the rest of the app, during that time we also released the Trait Sorter and Treasure Generator.

6 months from conception to delivery. Not bad right? 3 months of talking, thinking, and planning, with the dev work taking about 3 months. Total development and testing time was probably around 500 hours between myself and my fellow developer Jeff Lauder.

A special shout out to our lead alpha tester Travis Ellis who spent several hours testing and retesting, and to our wonderful Patrons and Donors, whom without this would not be possible.

Happy Gaming!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GURPS Calculator - GCS Importing launch on May 12th!

After months of work, version 2.3 of GURPS Calculator will release on May 12th! This release is absolutely loaded with enhancements, all falling solidly under the new GCS Import feature!

After downloading the new GCS update, you will be able to import your full character file from GCS itself directly to gCalc with only a few quick clicks. Once your character is uploaded you will have an amazing at-the-table utility to make all your games run much smoother!

Our next Patreon milestone is Character Sharing, which will be a full system to share your character with other users! Once your character is shared with another user, that user will have full privelages to view your character and roll against your various stats, skills, and attacks (don't worry though, they won't be able to make any permanent changes to your adventurer!) Once this goal is met I will begin work on the sharing system and get it out to you as soon as possible! We only need $10 more in pledges to make this happen!

Stayed tuned, and look out for the release on May 12th!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

GURPS Calculator WIP 2.3 and Alpha Testing

Our first 2 passes over the GCS importing and Character screens are complete. Right now I have my friends taking a look and doing a pre-alpha test to find all the initial bugs. It's looking really good.

The next stage is alpha testing. What I'm looking for here is for some people to step forward and import some characters from GCS to gCalc and test the app out in the wild and report back to me with bugs or enhancement ideas.

There are limited slots available for this! If you are interested leave your email in the comments below, or email me directly at

In other news, gCalc has hit $50! Once gCalc hits $60 we will have hit the next goal, which opens up a whole wide world of character screen possibilities! Once gCalc is at $60 I will create a system to share your characters imported from GCS across the app to other users simply by entering their username! Any characters shared with you will be accessible through a "characters" menu item where you can see that characters current hp, fp, skill levels, and attacks. You will also be able to roll against that character's skills (for sneaky GMs that like to roll their group's perceptions in secret!)

In other other news, tomorrow is my birthday, and I turn 31! All I want for my birthday is for you to use gCalc and, if you can, plug gCalc on your blog and twitter! Thanks so much for reading!

See teaser images for the character screens after the jump!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

GURPS Calculator - Character Screens and GCS Importing Continues

I have been working hard this past week to get ahead of the Character Screens and GCS Importing and progress continues quickly! This week I spent some real time getting the Tracker to work on an individual character basis, general UI cleanup, and the behind the scenes work for the HP/FP bar at the top of the character's area.

What does this mean for you?


Each character you import from GCS will have a "Tracker" tab, and on this tab will be a fully-fledged Tracker like you would see under the global Tracker menu item. This Tracker will be an individual spot for you, as a player, to track anything about your character that you don't wish to (or can't) include in GCS. Examples of this may be:

  • Ally HP, FP, or Notes
  • Manastone tracker and regeneration
  • Odd "rollables" that you roll against often but aren't a skill or attribute.
  • ...Anything you can think of!

Character Tracker Sample

UI Changes

The bulk of the UI changes are on the character screens themselves, so you won't even know the difference there, but one important difference is the reorganization of the gCalc menu that comes with this release. Less emphasis will be put on the Tracker and more on the Character screen. In addition, more apps are now found within the Tools submenu, which is now reorganized to be more user friendly. Instead of just piling everything into the submenu in alphabetical order, I have reorder it to be a bit more usable.

Reorganized Menu


I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Special thanks goes out to all my patrons, especially my newest patron Jerry Crutchfield. Please find the full list of patrons below, and consider making your own donation to the cause at my Patreon.

  • Christopher R. Rice
  • Patrick J. Perry
  • Jerry Crutchfield
  • Jeremy Paris
  • Emanuel May

Thank you and happy GURPS Day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

GURPS Calculator - Character Screens and GCS Importing (2.3 Work in Progress Update)

gCalc reaches it's $40/month goal and had 3,000 pageviews in February!

Recently, thanks to some very generous Patrons, the gCalc project has hit its next goal of $40/month. What does this mean for you? Character Screens and GCS Importing!!!

Recently I had a discussion with Richard Wilkes, the creator and developer of GCS, and we came to the conclusion that we are two halves of the same experience. His wonderful GCS program can create and manage characters, and gCalc can handle everything for you at the table....and so a partnership was formed.

Richard will be adding a menu item to GCS which will allow you, the user, to export your character directly to gCalc! Once your character is uploaded you will be able to roll against stats, skills, and attacks. You will also have a full fledged Tracker suite for just your characters. This tracker will have all the functionality of the normal Tracker app, but will be tailored to just your character.

And also, of course, you will be able to upload and manage multiple characters, allowing you to have many many characters across many campaigns.

I'm looking to release this in the next month....and after that? Take a look at the next goal, I think you'll be pleased.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.2 release

Treasure Generator
The new treasure generator has been released! The new version of this popular tool uses a full suite of Dungeon Fantasy 8 data provided by the generous Brian Thomas and boasts some great options for generating the perfect treasure for your campaign!

Using the tool you will be able to choose what sort of treasure you wish to generate, as well as how many of each type and even limit the cost and maximum number of enchantments!

Generate loot like never before, check it out here.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.2 Work In Progress Update

Treasure Generator
The current generator on the site is pretty awesome: it has lots and lots of handcrafted data by Weby, and it allows you to create a huge list of treasure based on desired wealth or encounter level. However, in spite of how good it is, it's never been based on actual GURPS rules or logic. Soon, that will all change.

Thanks to the dedication of Brian Thomas on the forums, GURPS Calculator will soon have a full set of Dungeon Fantasy 8 content available to it. I am currently building the UI for this data, and will hopefully be pushing it out next GURPS Day (2/11/2016).

This new Treasure Generator will give you the option to randomly roll any number of items from DF8 of random types, as well as specifically choose which types you'd like in your result set. The logic implemented by Brian includes the full suite of functionality in the book, giving you accurate pricing, enchantments, and effects.

GCS Importing and Character Screens
Recently I have been planning out a GCS importing project which will give users the ability to create a character in GCS and import it through a menu item (created by the lead programmer of that project Richard Wilkes) to gCalc. Users will then be able to use gCalc to roll vs skills, attacks, and attributes. Users will also be able to update their current HP and FP. Altering skills, advantages, and so forth will probably not be implemented as GCS does all of this wonderfully and I am not looking to reinvent the wheel. However, in a later release, it may become possible to add equipment and alter funds. Additionally, if a user imports a character they have already imported previously, it will simply update the current character on gCalc.

In an even further release I am planning on building on this GCS importing to allow character sharing, which will then make it possible to GMs and players alike to associate characters and monsters with a campaign. Once this is done, others in the campaign, specifically the GM, will be able to access the character and roll vs skills, attacks, ...etc as well as view current HP/FP, Equipment, DR, and so on.

This will be a lot of work, however, and require many many bug fixes, enhancements, and support tasks as the app matures and grows. Currently the GCS Importing project is slated to begin when we hit the $30/month combined donations mark on our Patreon. Please find the time to make a donation and help make GCS importing available for all!

Misc Updates

gCalc is growing by leaps and bounds right now, boasting several hundred registered users and around 1,000 pageviews a week! Thanks to everyone that has helped make this possible, and don't forget to tell your friends about the project!

A friend of mine, Scott, is gearing up to start work on a Hiking Calculator which will include all RAW in Basic. A further update is planned to include the Romping rules from High-Tech. A date to begin development is currently not planned (he just had his third child! Congrats Scott!)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.1.1 Released

The Trait Sorter is seeing some improvements on this lovely, lovely GURPS Day in the form of some ideas submitted by some users:
  • Wildcard searching added (start search with asterisk(*).
  • Reference book and page number added to each trait.
  • Ability to add your own custom traits.
  • New filter added - The "User" filter will show you only traits that you added.

For new details on this new features, please go to the Traits tool and click the question mark button in the top right.