Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GURPS: Ascension Campaign Living World Document (Power Templates, Kits, Races, etc)

Four years ago I decided it was time to start a new campaign. On a plane ride to Houston to visit my father, I sketched up some ideas of a time-spanning plot with lots of intrigue, complicated battles, and morally ambiguous villains.

More importantly, I began work on 5 "power classes"; lists of leveled powers united under a single theme. Knowing nothing about powers at that time, it took me a very long time (months) to fully create all five power classes. During that time I also created kits, races, regions, "blessing cards", births signs, and more.

It really is too much to describe.

The work was well worth it. Biweekly for the last 3.5 years myself and 5 friends have played in the world of Ascension on a single continuous plot arc. It has been an amazing experience with amazing friends. Season 3 is closing out within the next two weeks, and after that we move on to season four, where the second main subplot will finally have it's finale. After that, who knows? I'm sure Ascension will live on for many more years.

Last Saturday I spent the morning last Saturday organizing all my notes and templates into a living world document to share with all of you. Maybe you can use some of it too.

If you are interested in seeing what I have created, check out the document below.


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