Tuesday, November 22, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.5: GM Control Board and Hiking Calculator

GM Control Board 
A collection of everything that is useful to a GM while running your game! To get started, head on over to the GM Control Board section of gCalc and follow the on screen directions.

Not much more to say about it. It's a pretty huge update, but it's easy to understand. Have at it.

Hiking Calculator
Coded by Pseudoboo and with UI by your's truly, the Hiking Calculator should hopefully take some of the sting out of those crunchy hiking discussions.

What's Next?

Patreon Goals

$90 - Character and Monster Database
Once this goal is hit, users will be able to tag characters imported from GCS or GCA as PC/NPC/Monster. Once tagged, all characters can then made "public" (with their default being "private"). All characters that are tagged and made public will be available for other users to browse and use in their own campaigns. The goal here is to create a large, crowd-sourced monster database for everyone to use and enjoy!

$100 - GM Campaign and Session Planner
Once this goal is met, users will be able to create individual "sessions" within a campaign. These sessions will be a collections of "scenes" which the GM can insert associated PCs, NPCs, and Monsters as well as keep track of notes. For example, if you have a dungeon crawl with 3 encounters in it, you could make 3 scenes, and in each scene have the requisite monsters added along with notes on their combat strategies and pre-laid traps. Once that scene arrives in game, you simply open the scene in gCalc and will be able to quickly start combat utilizing the functionality already set down by the "GM Control Board" feature gained at the $80 pledge level.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.4: GCA Importing

GCA Importing

The long awaited GCA Importing feature has been released today. It works by leveraging the "Export to XML" functionality in GCA, which then gives us a file we can upload to gCalc.

It's really simple. To get started uploading your own characters, visit the GCA Character Import page for more details.

What's next?

The Hiking Calculator is our next "breaker" goal, and it's only $1 away. After that the GM Control Board is only $6 away! This will be a huge feature, finally making gCalc useful for GMs in a very real way.

To help get these features rolling, head on over to Patreon and reward me for my hard work for the price of a cup of coffee a month, or if you're generous, the price of a beer a month! Or if you're really generous, the price of a personal pan pizza a month! The possibilities are endless.

Please feed me. :(

In other news

My company was bought out last year, and 10/28 was my final day of work with them after almost 7 years. I get a bit of severance, so I'm not too worried, plenty of time to find a new job. How cool would it be if SJGames would hire me and let me redo their website, forums, and store? It needs a face-lift! If you agree, please hassle them for me. I'm talented, and love GURPS. Let's make it happen. Also, they really do need some dedicated software developers to start moving into the current times. I can do all that too! I know it all. 

Also, if you're not in our GURPS discord yet (it's a chat client) come join us: https://discord.gg/vk5GtQy