Wednesday, March 2, 2016

GURPS Calculator - Character Screens and GCS Importing (2.3 Work in Progress Update)

gCalc reaches it's $40/month goal and had 3,000 pageviews in February!

Recently, thanks to some very generous Patrons, the gCalc project has hit its next goal of $40/month. What does this mean for you? Character Screens and GCS Importing!!!

Recently I had a discussion with Richard Wilkes, the creator and developer of GCS, and we came to the conclusion that we are two halves of the same experience. His wonderful GCS program can create and manage characters, and gCalc can handle everything for you at the table....and so a partnership was formed.

Richard will be adding a menu item to GCS which will allow you, the user, to export your character directly to gCalc! Once your character is uploaded you will be able to roll against stats, skills, and attacks. You will also have a full fledged Tracker suite for just your characters. This tracker will have all the functionality of the normal Tracker app, but will be tailored to just your character.

And also, of course, you will be able to upload and manage multiple characters, allowing you to have many many characters across many campaigns.

I'm looking to release this in the next month....and after that? Take a look at the next goal, I think you'll be pleased.

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