Sunday, August 21, 2016

GURPS Calculator New Server!

GURPS Calculator has had A LOT outages the last 8 months and, every time, I would get on support chat and waste my time going around and around with them about why that may be the case. It always ended up being some "server wide" issue.

Well, this weekend, after 3 days of the calculator being down, I decided enough was enough. I demanded a refund, but in my cancellation request, and moved to a better host.

The new host costs three times more, but they supposedly have better uptime, and the speed of the calculator is noticeably faster.

I suppose we'll see what happens.

In other news, we're closing in on the $70 goal of GCA importing. Besides a few minor bug fixes, I am have been taking a break from gCalc and coding some different things (a discord bot, a scheduling API for discord, my wedding website, etc) and also going to a lot of interviews (trying to find that right fit for my next job since I get laid off in just 2 more short months!)

I promise I'll come back to gCalc soon. The sooner we hit that goal, the sooner I'll switch back over and power through the GCA import functionality!

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