Monday, July 22, 2013

GURPS Calculator 2.2.4 Released (Old Android App)


This post is no longer relevant as it pertains to the now defunct android app which was removed from the app store.

I've been researching working on version 2.3 for awhile now and trying to puzzle out the best ways to use the Android Listview components to redo the tracker, when a user brought up in a review that the calculator is woefully lacking in landscape mode. Remembering the promises I made of creating landscape screens almost two years ago when I first release the calculator (and desperately needing a break from the enigma of the listview), I started work on 2.2.4, which quickly went from creating simple landscape screens to a redesign of portrait screens as well.

Most of the screens are very simple, and could suffice with the new label orientation (on top of the text inputs as opposed to next to them, which gave a lot more breathing room to the design), but the combat calculator actually threw me for a bit of a loop. I finally settled on a two column approach with the readout on the right side.

Combat Calculator, Landscape
The new combat calculator, landscape orientation.

While working on the screens, it was suggested that hit location penalties should display immediately next to the labels in the dropdown for easy reference. The idea was so simple and elegant that I couldn't avoid doing it. During live alpha testing it helped so much that I couldn't believe it wasn't a feature from the start.

Next up was addressing a random hit location bug introduced in 2.2.3, where a penalty would display for a random hit when it should not (random hit locations never incur penalties). Thankfully it was visual only, the penalty was not actually being applied. It was confusing enough to users that I fixed it for this release.

The last bug I stumbled on during alpha and was so embarrassed that I had to fix it for this release. If a ranged attacked with ROF >1 and attack skill >16 rolled a natural 17, the readout informed the user that the first attacked missed (17 is always a miss) but if the recoil was low enough and the skill high enough the second attack might say it hit. Of course if the first attack missed they are all supposed to miss. This bug did not involve critical hits, that already worked as designed.

I've switched gears back to 2.3 now, trying my best to come up with a solid design and implementation of the listview to further enhance the tracker.

GURPS Calculator 2.2.4