Thursday, March 10, 2016

GURPS Calculator - Character Screens and GCS Importing Continues

I have been working hard this past week to get ahead of the Character Screens and GCS Importing and progress continues quickly! This week I spent some real time getting the Tracker to work on an individual character basis, general UI cleanup, and the behind the scenes work for the HP/FP bar at the top of the character's area.

What does this mean for you?


Each character you import from GCS will have a "Tracker" tab, and on this tab will be a fully-fledged Tracker like you would see under the global Tracker menu item. This Tracker will be an individual spot for you, as a player, to track anything about your character that you don't wish to (or can't) include in GCS. Examples of this may be:

  • Ally HP, FP, or Notes
  • Manastone tracker and regeneration
  • Odd "rollables" that you roll against often but aren't a skill or attribute.
  • ...Anything you can think of!

Character Tracker Sample

UI Changes

The bulk of the UI changes are on the character screens themselves, so you won't even know the difference there, but one important difference is the reorganization of the gCalc menu that comes with this release. Less emphasis will be put on the Tracker and more on the Character screen. In addition, more apps are now found within the Tools submenu, which is now reorganized to be more user friendly. Instead of just piling everything into the submenu in alphabetical order, I have reorder it to be a bit more usable.

Reorganized Menu


I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Special thanks goes out to all my patrons, especially my newest patron Jerry Crutchfield. Please find the full list of patrons below, and consider making your own donation to the cause at my Patreon.

  • Christopher R. Rice
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Thank you and happy GURPS Day!

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