Wednesday, February 22, 2017

GURPS Calculator 2.6: Monster Repository

Click here to go straight to the repository and get started!

The Monster Repository is a database of community submitted characters (PC/NPC/Monster).

Using the filter controls, a user can easily page, filter, and explore the database to find the perfect monster for their next encounter.

One the perfect monster is found, the user can easily copy the monster to their own Characters list by pressing and then confirming at the prompt. The copied Monster will automatically be added to the user's default campaign and will appear on their Characters list. The user is the owner of this copy, and has full permission to change the HP/FP, add tracker rows, and manipulate the attack options.

Adding Monsters to the Respository

Anyone can easily add PCs, NPCs, or Monsters to the Repository in just a few simple steps. There are no rules or guidelines for submitting your monster, just fire up your creativity and share your creation with the world!
  • Go to your characters list.
  • Click on the (wrench) icon on the character you wish to share.
  • In the options popup, add tags using the tags dropdown that describe the character. There is no limit to the number of tags you may use!
  • Check the "Make Character Public" checkbox.
  • Click Save
  • That's it, your character is now public and shared for all to see! Any update you make to your character in the future will automatically be reflected to the version on the Public Database (but not to version that other users have already copied.)

What's Coming up

Patreon Goals

GM Campaign and Session Planner $100 Goal Met!

Once this goal is met, users will be able to create individual "sessions" within a campaign. These sessions will be a collections of "scenes" which the GM can insert associated PCs, NPCs, and Monsters as well as keep track of notes. For example, if you have a dungeon crawl with 3 encounters in it, you could make 3 scenes, and in each scene have the requisite monsters added along with notes on their combat strategies and pre-laid traps. Once that scene arrives in game, you simply open the scene in gCalc and will be able to quickly start combat utilizing the functionality already set down by the "GM Control Board" feature gained at the $80 pledge level.

Encounter Tracker $125

The tool you've all been waiting for (and the most recent goals have been building up to). The Encounter Tracker will exist on the GM Control Board and will allow you to easily track and manage combat scenarios for each scene. When a scene arrives, the Encounter Tracker will autopopulate with all Enemies and PCs in that scene (in speed order of course) and will allow you easily rolls attacks, change initiative order, and track the HP/Fp/Conditions for all.

Attacking Specific Targets $140
With this enhancement, all attacks made by a character or monster that is within the current scene will be able to target any other creature that is also in that scene. This will allow for very fast DR and HP calculations, speeding up combat significantly. For example, a PC may open their "short sword" options and select "orc #3 and "skull". When the player hits attack gCalc will automatically roll the attack, the prompt the gm to select a defense (with optional modifiers) and then roll the defense. If damage is dealt, gcalc will then reduce orc #3's HP, taking into account hit location and wounding multiplier.

Editable Characters $165
Whether you uploaded your character from GCA or GCS, you will be able to now edit your characters live in gCalc!

I am still planning out this feature, but the way it is currently looking is that you will be able to edit any field in gCalc such as Strength or an Attack, as well as have full ability to add and remove items from all lists (skills, equipment, etc). However, any auto-calculations that were done by your character's native app (GCS/GCA) will not work on gCalc, so if you up your Strength, for example, you would need to then go update the fields that rely on Strength manually.

Furthermore, because gCalc does not talk directly with any of these other apps, if you were ever to upload your character again from one of these other apps and overwrite your character you would lose any of the changed data.

This is a very large update with a lot of moving parts, but has been oft requested, even with the caveats set above, and so I am pleased to announce that it is on the roster!

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