Thursday, April 7, 2016

GURPS Calculator WIP 2.3 and Alpha Testing

Our first 2 passes over the GCS importing and Character screens are complete. Right now I have my friends taking a look and doing a pre-alpha test to find all the initial bugs. It's looking really good.

The next stage is alpha testing. What I'm looking for here is for some people to step forward and import some characters from GCS to gCalc and test the app out in the wild and report back to me with bugs or enhancement ideas.

There are limited slots available for this! If you are interested leave your email in the comments below, or email me directly at

In other news, gCalc has hit $50! Once gCalc hits $60 we will have hit the next goal, which opens up a whole wide world of character screen possibilities! Once gCalc is at $60 I will create a system to share your characters imported from GCS across the app to other users simply by entering their username! Any characters shared with you will be accessible through a "characters" menu item where you can see that characters current hp, fp, skill levels, and attacks. You will also be able to roll against that character's skills (for sneaky GMs that like to roll their group's perceptions in secret!)

In other other news, tomorrow is my birthday, and I turn 31! All I want for my birthday is for you to use gCalc and, if you can, plug gCalc on your blog and twitter! Thanks so much for reading!

See teaser images for the character screens after the jump!

Attacks on Desktop

Defense on Desktop
Profile Information on Desktop

Attacks on Mobile