Thursday, May 12, 2016

GURPS Calculator 2.3 has been released! GCS Importing for all!

GCS Importing has been released!!!!

Click here to get started on exporting your GURPS Character Sheet files into gCalc!

The Story
About a year ago my gaming group started to really get into GCS and all it had to offer. They were of course using the gCalc tracker every game as well, but it lacked an easy and clear way to transcribe a full character in a useful way for play. GCS, on the other hand, has a very complete interface for creating and maintaining characters, but no real way to have an at-the-table utility autocalculate all the crunchy bits of GURPS that we all love.

Looking into exporting from GCS initially, I ran into several problems, namely that I couldn't get gCalc to play nicely with GCS as they both stood at that time. I dropped the idea for about 4 or 5 months, and during that time released several additions to gCalc such as a complete visual redesign, huge improvements to the tracker, and a Demolitions Calculator.

In December I got interested in GCS exporting once again, and this time reached out to Richard Wilkes, the creator of GCS, who, very graciously, answered every one of my dozen questions.

Answers in hand, I decided the best way to deal with exporting from GCS to gCalc would be to alter GCS myself, since Richard has very generously made the app an open-source project. At this time Jeff Lauder came back into the fold, having taken a break from helping with gCalc, and excitedly took over the java development for GCS, leaving me free to make all the character screens and associated functions.

During the next 3 months we coded our butts off, literally almost every day I spent some time working on this code. Of course, I didn't ignore the rest of the app, during that time we also released the Trait Sorter and Treasure Generator.

6 months from conception to delivery. Not bad right? 3 months of talking, thinking, and planning, with the dev work taking about 3 months. Total development and testing time was probably around 500 hours between myself and my fellow developer Jeff Lauder.

A special shout out to our lead alpha tester Travis Ellis who spent several hours testing and retesting, and to our wonderful Patrons and Donors, whom without this would not be possible.

Happy Gaming!

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